"I love Gillian, and I’d love to work with her — but it’d have to be something… that I can’t think of…"

On acting with Gillian Anderson in a non-X-Files project, SDCC, July 2013

#don’t worry david #there are trained professionals to help you with this #you are not alone #in fact i can think of a person who already has some ideas #who might be sitting right next to you #who has been repeatedly shot down and rejected #by someone who purports to be her television paramour #think about this #think about how your actions take a toll on others #and their enjoyment #you have my number#get back to me when you’re ready #in this lifetime #movies together#californication #sdcc 2013 #the l word #lub #poor gillian #all she wants to do is bang him on national television #i think we can all see the appeal in that (via fuckyeahdavidgillian)



So whose idea was it then? That is the question ! o.O


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